Hamilton County ACS/ARES®

Our Mission

To provide a viable response to local or regional communications system outages or overloads. Using personally owned radio equipment and volunteer operators as directed by the county Office of Emergency Management or other served agency such as the American Red Cross. We provide back-up communications to designated agencies until normal communications are restored. We also provide communications services for public service events and support the SKYWARN program of the National Weather Service.

We provide Auxilary Communications. 

Auxiliary communications typically refer to backup or secondary communication systems used in emergencies or situations where primary communication channels may be unavailable or compromised. Amateur radio operators often play a crucial role in auxiliary communications during disasters, providing a reliable means of communication when other methods like cell phones or internet connectivity are disrupted. We can assist with relaying important information, coordinating response efforts, and maintaining contact with affected areas.

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Why Join Us?

Use your training, skills and equipment to provide communications during emergencies and serve our community.