Hamilton County ACS/ARES®

I have several updates for the group. But first, let me thank the volunteers who helped at the Gran Fondo Hincapie today.  The event was safe and hopefully enjoyed by the participants.  There was only one bike accident that was reported. 
1. Hamilton County ACS and ARES has a new website.  The site is KA4EMA.net.  Please browse around and check it out.  Please remember that it is a work in progress. 
2. The TN Rally event for June is one of several events being planned for our area.  Next year a similar event is being planned and an International Rally for 2026. Each of these requires many many amateur operators, locally and some volunteering from other areas and coming to southeast Tennessee. 
3. The AREDN mesh networking project is progressing well.  We expect to have the beginnings of the planned RF network up in a few weeks between Signal Mountain and Missionary Ridge.  There will most assuredly be a few tweaks required, so if you are already  a “mesher” or/or interested, stay tuned. 
4.  On the current internet based mesh connections, we are interconnected with the entire US and some overseas areas. 
We have a working voip phone network here in southeast TN with calling capability across the US.   Let me know if you are interested in this portion of the project. 
5. A working meshmail server is also set up in our area.  From inside the AREDN Mesh. browse to this IP address and request an email account from the log in page.  This server also provides instant messages and a separate chat.   The system uses the Citadel email server software. 
For questions please contact me. 

Dewayne Siddon, KE4IDH

Hamilton County
Auxiliary Communications Service
ARES Emergency Coordinator
Announcement / Activation Info 423-558-0424