Hamilton County ACS/ARES®


Dialing Info:

To dial the Chattanooga /SE Tennessee ka4ema-cha-pbx:

Dial either the extension beginning with 37xx or 423-37xx

To dial outside the local Chattanooga PBX 423-37 calling area, dial 78 to get a new dial tone then the complete meshphone number.  Example  78 (new dial tone) 615-3423. 

Other dialing methods: 

Dial by Call Sign: Dial 73 and enter the call sign using the keypad at the second dial tone. 

Dial HamShack Hotline: under development

Dial by DMR ID:  under development

Full meshphone whitepages directory available on the mesh.

For a dialing directory, go to any whitepages listing inside the mesh network.  Whitepages linked to these two nodes cover our area: http://n2mh-hub.local.mesh:8080/ and http://wt0f-0.local.mesh:8080/cgi-bin/mesh


To improve connectivity and get compliant with the established mesh node naming convention,  the following changes have been made: 

MESHMAIL:  The meshmail server name has been changed.  The new server name is ka4ema-meshmail-cha.local.mesh.  Existing email addresses have been updated to reflect this new format, which is now , <yourcall>@ka4ema-meshmail-cha.local.mesh. You should begin using these new email addresses as soon as possible.  The old formats will work for receiving mail for a while longer. 


The meshphone pbx needed to be moved to a new node for connectivity reasons.  The new meshphone server and host address is ka4ema-pbx-cha.local.mesh  or

The change was needed due to a new automated dialing plan update process.  This process requires contacting a node server in Florida on a hourly basis, which was not happening while connected to the original node.   The updated automated dialing plan should give us better access to other pbx’s in other parts of the county and make calling to those areas more reliable. 


N2MH White Pages   (Must be used from inside the Mesh network)

Use the local time meshphone number in the directory to test connectivity without disturbing a user who may be asleep in another time zone. 

Note the need to dial 78 for a new dial tone when calling seven digit meshone numbers outside our local calling area. 

Tennessee Dialing Plan

Other Meshphone network information

KA4EMA-CHA-Meshmail Info

The meshmail server is a Citadel based server with the following functionality: 

To access MeshMail-cha  go to either of these

To request an email account, from inside the mesh network, go to http://ka4ema-meshmail-cha.local.mesh:8080/ and use the Request Account link below the login boxes. 

There are two contacts lists.  The one named “Contacts” is your personal list. 

Global Address Book” is the full listing of users on this mail server.  Meshphone number are also shown. 

Most features are linked under the ROOMS link.